Traducator autorizat engleza

Traducator autorizat engleza

vineri, 9 septembrie 2011

Lectii de engleza - nivel mediu


1. Verbe de perceptie: to feel, to hear, to notice, to see, to smell, to taste...etc
Exemplu: Do you see the birds now?
               The soup tastes delicious.
Observatie: Pentru a se accentua ideea de aspect continuu se foloseste verbul modal CAN. Verbele to smell, to taste si to feel pot fi folosite la aspectul continuu cand ele implica o actiune voluntara a subiectului:
Exemplu: The cat is smelling the bush now.
               Mother is tasting the soup to see if it is warm enough for the baby.
2. Verbe care exprima activitati mentale: to agree, to believe, to find, to forget, to imagine, to know, to mind, to remember, to recognize, to suppose, to think, to understand..
Exemplu: She knows what you mean.
               Does she think that he will be able to come?
3. Verbe care exprima o dorinta: to desire, to intend, to want, to wish
Exemplu: I want that book now.
4. Verbe care exprima atitudini, sentimente, stari emotionale: to detest, to dislike, to like, to love, to hate, to please, to prefer.
Exemplu: I think she loves you very much.
5. Verbe care exprima posesia: to belong to, to have, to hold, to keep, to possess.
Exemplu: How many friends have you got here?
Observatie: Verbul -to have- poate fi folosit la aspectul continuu in constructiile:
Exemple: Jane is having breakfast.
               We are having a bath now.
6. Verbe care exprima o stare, o conditie: to appear, to be, to consist of, to contain, to exist, to seem.
Observatie: TO BE - poate fi folosit la aspectul continuu, numai in cazurile:
Exemple: A new block of flats is being built near our house!
               I'm not being sentimental, whatever you may think.

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